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GET YOUR LOGZIES ENGRAVED WITH YOUR CUSTOM IMAGE OR LOGO!This IS a custom feature, so if you’d like engraving, please use our form to contact us directly with your request. We will reply ASAP to help you fulfill your order.

Original LOGZIE

Standard Logzie


This standard Logzie comes with a Logzie stamp and can fit a beverage that is 2.6″ in diameter which includes most major brands of sodas and brews.
Try this one on for size and make your friends jealous!A Logzie is a wooden beverage insulator that is sure to keep your beverage cool and prevent beverage warming.


8 oz. Logzie


This 8 Oz. Logzie comes with a Logzie stamp and can fit a beverage that is 2.24″ in diameter which includes brands like Limearita, Strawberita and Bud Light.
Try this one on for size! A mini Logzie packs just as much cooling power as the standard size.




This Logzie has a 2.45 in. inside diameter and can insulate most bottles like Corona and thinner cans like Coors Light.

Thin Can LOGZIEWith this Logzie, you’re sure to be the top Log!

LOGZIE Coasters

Logzie Coasters


These Logzie Coasters are sure to catch your guests attention. Their rugged outlines show of the outdoors IN your home. Great for cabins, hunting lodges and your home. Don’t stain your furniture with water rings. Sit your drink down in style with Logzies Coasters.

All are approximately 3.5 in.

Logzie High Ball Glass

High Ball Glass For Logzie


High Ball Glass for your Liquor Logzie. You liquor fans shouldn’t be left out of the Logzie love! Take pride in your Logzie and spike it with real punch.

**Only fits in Original Logzie at 2.6 in diameter

6 Pack Of Logzies

6 Pack Of Logzies

Inside diameter choice


Why not treat yourself to enough Logzies for you and some friends? It’s always better to make things a little merrier when enjoying a beverage, so stock up on enough for you and your crew. AND, for a limited time, get a FREE set of Logzie Coasters with each six pack ordered.